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Monday, August 27, 2007

Vanessa + Simon 08.24.07

What a busy weekend! Friday's wedding brought us out to Brighton, Ontario. Vanessa & Simon had a very beautiful and unique wedding. One important life fact I learned.....I never knew how hard it is to catch a chicken until today!

I started salivating when I walked up the stairs to the barn where Vanessa was getting ready. How awesome!!

Here is Simon watching his bride-to-be get ready

The weather was beautiful.....and God answered my prayer with giving me a dramatic sky!

One handsome rooster! (Vanessa made these signs herself.....how creative!)A very unique "Exhange-of-Rings"

One of my favorite shots! How stunning are Vanessa's eyes?!!

Simon waiting for his bride just before the ceremony
Getting emotional during the ceremony.......how cute :o)

We had an unexpected visitor trying to get into the booze......(and he was doing so well at re-hab)

Here is Simon's father and a guest enjoying the bon-fire during the evening

Events by Parris did an incredible job with everything.....and all went smoothly. It was great working with you Katherine & Lena! These two woman were so helpful, and wore smiles the entire day. I highly recommend them! Dinner was catered by Encore Catering, and to be honest, it was the best dinner I have ever experienced from a caterer.....and I have been around. They focus on the smallest details.


Lisa + Danny 08.25.07

What a gorgeous couple! This Saturday I had the honour of photographing Lisa & Danny's wedding. We had a "smorgasbord" of weather which consisted of sun....clouds....rain....and sun again! It resulted in some pretty dramatic images.

The very elegant Lisa..........

I just love "puffy" clouds like this! I had to capture it. This was our last photo outdoors where me and Rebekah "squeezed" one more shot from them. (Glad we did)

Danny is a BIG-TIME golfer...I thought he might appreciate this shot

I need to say that Lisa was such a genuinly pleasant bride.......and beautiful both inside and out.

Here are the guys enjoying their beer at "Jakes" pub.


Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sara + Joe 08.18.07

Sara & Joe are a sweet couple who's wedding I photographed on Saturday. Their bridal party were a fun bunch to work with, especially when we hit the streets of Toronto!

Sara made an exquisite bride......here she is just before leaving her home for church

Joe has to be the most relaxed groom I have ever photographed. It was great.

Our super hero with the rings......

Now this was cute.....when Joe had his chance just after the vows, he just planted a super big kiss on Sara like it was the first time he had done so!

I just love colours and graffiti walls.....can't pass them by!

One again this weekend I had to opportunity to photograph at the very vintage looking Liberty Grand which has so much character.

Sara & Joe.....your both so sweet.....thank-you for choosing me to be a part of your special day!


Friday, August 03, 2007

Something Different.......

What an amazing shoot yesterday! I had 2 brides volunteer to go out and let me take some unique photos in their wedding dresses! Thank-you Mary & Marta for allowing me to do what I wish with you! Mary is actually a former bride who's wedding I photographed last year......and Marta is an upcoming bride. You'll see Marta's future hubby, Vic, in these photos also. I had loads of fun guys! Enjoy!

It all started off like this.......

I had many offer their services for this shoot. A special thank-you to Cathy & Roxanna at Picaso Studios for their INCREDIBLE job with the girls' hair & make-up. You guys are awesome! Definately the best in the City. Your patience and detail to everything made all the difference. They also provided us with all the jewellery & accessories. They have some beautiful pieces!

Another thanks goes to Balletts' Bridal. Thank-you Marina for spending so much time with me!

Keep watch.....I will be posting a video here soon of this shoot which was filmed & edited by Blue Daizy Video. Thank-you Charlie & Marlow for your creative eyes....and for taking the heat on the "hottest day of the year"!

Mary & Marta were such great models! They managed to work through the 35 degree weather we had yesterday....in their heavy dresses! You guys are awesome!