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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Back from Nova Scotia !!

I took a 2 week break out in Nova Scotia where the air is fresh! I needed to rest my eyes from computer overload and the craziness of the season. My sister and her family live just outside of Halifax, so it was great to connect again and see how the kids have grown! (Alot of the following photos were taken with my point-and-shoot since I hadn't planned on shooting, and so didn't bring my entire gear with me....but I had to shoot...couldn't help it!)
Somehow I always experience the really neat stuff........like being there just in time to see "Noel" wreak havoc. I thought the house was going to come down! Here's a shot I took in Queensland, NS.
During the last day of my stay, I took the car and started driving. Where? I don't know. I wanted to be surprised. And I needed to shoot again since I was feeling a little deprived. Well....I experienced so many things along the way, and met lots of kind people. It was just beautiful! This is the bottom part of the Bay of Fundy. The tides come in and out......and when there out.......they leave quite an interesting display of PURE MUD.I had such a great conversation with a farmer, and the owner of these vintage tractors, which he still uses! Eugene was such a sweet man who so happily gave me the entire history of all his equipment! (I'll try to post a photo of him later). The middle one is a 1964!This is by far the largest Rubix Cube I've ever seen !Mr. Cow kept a close eye on me in case I got too close to his herd. And here is sweet Bianca. (She was practicing for Halloween night)

Now Darius was quite interesting. The last time I saw him, he could barely walk on his own. Now he can read this entire book in one day! He has a collection of books, really thick ones, which he reads in less than 2 days!
And so it's Halloween......I don't normally participate in this, but the kids were really looking forward to their Auntie walking with them. Well, my sister walked, and I took photos!

As you can see......we had a "Wizard of Oz" theme going on. My sister was quite creative in making all of their costumes....from scratch!
And here's Darius as the "Tin Man". (Poor guy could barely move)

My sister's town has a population of 3,000. It's a beautiful town with friendly people. (Whom I kept seeing over and over again as I walked).And very trusting people I might add........this apple stand was left unattended all day!Now this was funny. On my last day there as I drove all across NS, I quickly stopped for a delicious hot Lobster Bisque, only to come out and see this! I just laughed as I tried to get in through the passenger's side. You could barely fit a pencil in between the cars! (God has such a sense of humor!)