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Monday, November 24, 2008

The Albojer Family !

On Halloween day I had the special privilege of photographing my super sweet photographer friends Tiffany & Alex from Life Images with their most adorable little boys, Jomei and Tayus (aka "Tay Tay"). Can I tell you how cute they are? Just take a look at them in these photos! We ended up shooting the entire day!......until the sun came down (which resulted in some pretty dramatic images which you'll see below). The boys' various and ever so cute expressions were so much fun to capture. Take a look at what we got......Enjoy!
The adorable Jomei enjoying his lollipop!Little Tay-Tay!Both Tiffany & Alex were so easy going in front of the camera.....being awesome photographers themselves, they know how to work it.......love Tiff's natural laugh in this one!

The boys strolling down the alley

I just loved Jomei's expression after watching mommy and daddy kissing!
We did a little bit of trespassing after finding this really cool rooftop. After a little while......it seemed like these 2 were really enjoying their intimate session together :o)

I couldn't get over Jomei's smile.......come on......how cute is he???!!!

The boys decided that my studio would look a little better with some "chip" decorating .......quite creative I say.....The "Chip-fest" continues Tay Tay having some fun with the camera

Tiff & Alex...It was so much fun spending the day with you all. I had such a blast photographing your family....you are truly blessed with the most adorable little boys.

Love you guys!

(and big squishes for the boys) :o)

Silvana ~

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Silvina + Andrew MARRIED !!

When Silvina & Andrew first came into my studio I felt such a strong connection with them. They are such real, easy-going, fun and compassionate people! Over time, I could easily see into Silvina's heart through all of her beautiful, caring e-mails she sent me before her wedding date. We got along very well.....maybe because our names are so similar???? HA! :o) Well, their day had finally come...and I was honored to be a witness to their beautiful day! Here's a pre-ceremony shot with Maria on her Mac and Jocelyne in the background trying to get a roller out of her hair! She's so cute :o) It was great hanging out with you and chatting Jocelyne!the guys.......Silvina's brother seeing her for the first time..... Silvina made such a beautiful bride.....talk about perfect skin!

Our little flowergirl.....what a cutie!

The 3 of us just being silly

Now how adorable are these 2??? They are the freshly born twin nephews of Silvina who were really anxious to come into this world...so...being born quite prematurely, mommy & daddy needed to make sure they were well protected with their little mitties and all. (I think the cutie on the right was having some pretty sweet dreams there)A special thanks to the very kind Katie at Intrepid Travel for allowing us to warm up inside the shop. We were able to capture these unique images in there!
Mr. G. Raff

Andrew and the guys looking cool

Thanks so much guys.....you treated us like family that day. Great to see couples who are madly in love!
(All I heard from Glendon & Chris during the entire drive back to the reception hall that day was "Oh my God!! They were the coolest bridal party ever!!)
Silvina....yes..we gotta do Thai very soon!.....looking forward to it)
Love you both,
Silvana ~