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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Christina + Anthony - Wedding

What a day! Christina & Anthony had an early ceremony.....11:00! So we had LOTS of time for some fun shooting.

While we were shooting dowtown....we came across a group of people who were giving out "free hugs". Of course our guys got in on the action. Christina definately gets the 2007 Smiley award.........she was so happy all day!

Now this was interesting. As we walked along a pathway, I noticed a HUGE, JUICY worm. I told the girls to be careful not to step on it as they walked by. Well....Rob....one of our groom's men picked it up.........and ATE IT !! The whole thing! What a site to see! This is not the original worm, which was fatter and much juicier, so I had my 2nd photographer, Elise, dig up another one. YUK! Apparantly, at Anthony's stag, Rob also ate 3 goldfish.(poor little fishies...:o( (Remind me to keep him away from my cats...)Cute Michael.......

The reception was held at The Venetian Banquet Hall


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Franca + Adam - Wedding

It was a hot, sunny day for Franca & Adam's wedding. I had a blast photographing this couple at Adam's parents house which had so much character

.Franca is so beautiful.........
The reception was held at the Royal Ambassador in Caledon by the lake. What a beautiful setting!

What a cutie!

Sorry Sabrina.....I just had to put this shot up!! Your so cute.


Thursday, June 14, 2007

Anna + Nick

I've been waiting for this eng. session for a while now. Anna and Nick are unique people with awesome personalities. I had alot of fun on their shoot!

Arn't they cute????!

Downtown is so amazing....we stumbled upon this yellow garage door which worked out perfectly.

Okay.....there's a storey behind these shoes. When Anna & Nick arrived at my studio, Anna realized that she had forgotten her other shoes at home! Well...I believe that God always supplies our needs.......so those are MY shoes she's wearing!


Franca + Adam

Franca and Adam are to be married this Sat. June 16th! I was in heaven for their shoot because I discovered this new shooting spot by accident! I think at first they thought I was strange when I took them to this location.....but they loved the results later! I designed an incredible 22 x 60 Storeyboard Portrait for their wedding day which I will post later.

Love the tunnel!.......... I thought this old barn would actually make a great starter home :o) Me and Adam were thinking of a plan on how to take the beams!


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Michelle + Mike

Michelle and Mike are to be married Sept. 2nd of this year. They seemed excited to finally have their engagement session....and are so cute together. This is one of my favorite shots!Mike....see....we did manage to get some "non-squinting" shots! This couple are great on spontaneous shots!

When we were done with our shoot and driving away, we saw a mommy duck with all her little ducklings behind her crossing the road.........how cute!!! (Mike, I was wondering why you had abrubtly stopped in the middle of the road) How precious......I just wanted to take them all home! (Reminded me of my pet duck when I was a little girl)