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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Maria + Robert 09.22.07

It was a special day for Maria & Robert who flew in from Atlanta, Georgia for their wedding in Toronto. They were surrounded by their loving family & friends who all came together at their 3:00 ceremony.

Maria was extremely relaxed and just soaked up every moment of the day. She is a very kind-hearted doctor who's patients would only be too blessed to have her as their physician

And here's our groom......he's so cute. Robert is also well-respected and so easy-going.

Getting ready to walk into the church with mommy by her side!

Now this moment was just so timely. As I was running out to catch the bride coming in.....I saw this little alter boy waiting in a small room off to the side and just had to grab it!

Knox College........we had the whole place to ourselves!!

Maria & Robert booked their limosine with http://www.exclusivestarlitelimousines.com/. The owners, Wayne & Sharon, were the most pleasant people who truly care about their couples' wedding day, and go out of their way to please them. I highly recommend them!

Someone got hungry.......

Maria's dance with her sweet daddy.........
Robert's parents.....bottom right.....were having a blast dancing up a storm! They flew in from New York for their son's wedding. Maria & Robert....congratulations....I knew everything would come together. Luv u....Silvana ~


Monday, September 17, 2007

Priscilla + Jesse 09.15.07

I have been waiting for this day a long time. Everything was perfect for Priscilla & Jesse's wedding. It was a sweet...emotional day....even for me! These 2 truly belong together.

Here is Priscilla and her mom getting ready

Jesse was so excited in the morning. He was at the door with a HUGE smile on his face! This shot was taken when the sun was just starting to come out and it was "peeking" across his backyard shed.

And there it is! The All-Famous "Groom Mobile"!

The rings.....Priscilla looked absolutely gorgeous. She really is a sweet girl with a tremendous love for the Lord.

Now this is where I got emotional. Jesse was singing to his bride as she walked up the aisle with her father. It was a song that he wrote himself.

And here they are both singing and praising God during the ceremony
Now I just loved this idea. Jesse got permission to shoot aboard a sailboat in downtown Toronto. I just had a "field day"!

Here's the whole gang. They really were a fun bunch!
Priscilla & Jesse....it was an honour to witness your beautiful ceremony. May you be blessed and protected in Moose Factory, Canada. Silvana ~


Friday, September 14, 2007

Maria + Robert - Eng. Session

I don't think I have enough blog space to write about Maria & Robert. But let me fill you in a little. Maria contacted me and booked me from Atlanta, Georgia for her wedding coming up Sept. 22nd. We spoke on the phone....many times...and have developed a special relationship. She is one of the sweetest people I've ever met! I felt like I've known her forever, and I couldn't wait to finally meet her and Robert in person for the very 1st time! (keep reading down...)

So anyways.....this week we finally met and photographed their engagement session. Robert is such a good man. I immediately connected with him also. Here are some of their photos from the session.

Maria wore a Sari for the session.....she brought many coloured ones! I just love that they are so intricatly made, with such vibrant colours! She is so beautiful.
Here is Robert giving me his "cool" pose :o)I just LOVE this shot of Maria. When I was shooting it, what came to my mind was how God listens to our prayers when we call out to Him

After speaking to Maria a few times from Atlanta, I received this in the mail.....along with a DVD of the movie "Born Into Brothels". This special note was written on the DVD case. She just knew I would love it.......AND I DID! I highly recommend this movie. It is so special to watch....very real and emotional. It is amazing what these children can do with a camera in their hand.....when they had never seen one before! When I received this, I was so touched....Maria has such a special heart. If I could cry at the time....I would have (I actually lost my tears about 2 years ago). Long story.
Robert moved to Atlanta from New York to be with Maria. It was really neat to sit down with these two and hear their story of how they met. Very cute......

Robert and Maria ~ I can't wait for your wedding next week. We are going to have so much fun! ........and remember......Romans 8:28.......:O) Luv you guys! Silvana ~