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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Violet & John - October 21, 2006

It was a perfect day for Violet & John this Saturday. They were married at St. Ambrose Church in Mississauga.Here's Violet's grandmother wanting a super hug! She's so cute!Funny...........and I had such a craving for pickles that day :o)
Guys are usually relaxed..........and John was no exception. Anxiously waiting to enter the church..........We photographed the formals downtown and time permitted us to stop at a couple of different locations. I love the spontanaiety of stopping if I see that it will work out awesome in photos.

I couldn't resist this shot!
The reception took place at The Jewel. Violet's theme was totally my taste with warm, earth tones.


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Grace & Curtis - October 7, 2006

Grace and Curtis were married this weekend in Mississauga. We started off in Oakville........then Whitby...........then Mississauga............then Oakville again. Lots of driving! This shot was taken during the ceremony at St. John of the Cross. They really are a great couple. Here's Grace and Bix! He just loved his little tuxedo.....did not make a fuss at all.Curtis got ready at the Holiday Inn Select in Oakville.Love the necklace!
We photographed the formals at Erindale Park. Time was a little tight since the ceremony was at 2:30, but we worked quickly and managed to get it all done.We had a fun bunch today. PJ......in particular.....was quite the jokester. (Far right)

Here's Curtis loading up all the trimmings!
Did anyone see the moon tonight? I have never seen the moon so BIG as it was today. Just incredible! We had a pre-reception coverage and when we headed back to Toronto, I had to pull over on the highway and take this shot. It just seemed so close that you could reach out and touch it! Just beautiful.............