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Monday, July 28, 2008

Maryam + Ali - 07.26.08

I must say that Maryam & Ali had a very unique wedding.......of course with Maryam being an artist herself, I was kind of expecting it. It all started off with some photos in their loft (you might recognize this location from their e-session)
Love the shoes! Maryam pointed out how the heal looks light the Eiffel Tower!

Sheri Stroh did an incredible job on Maryam's make-up. She has worked with a variety of celebrities including Cate Blanchett, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Debbie Travis, and Chantel Kreviazuk. I highly recommend her to any bride getting marriedShe was just "playing" the camera.....I loved it!

The girls.........

Maryam & Ali saw each other before the ceremony for photos.....which turned out incredibly. This shot was taken just before they laid eyes on each other for the 1st time. (I wanted Ali to get all nervous and anticipate seeing his Bride) :o)

They were both so excited to have an old blue Chevy for the day
Their Persian ceremony was so interesting.......very detailed
We headed off to the Edward Day Gallery for a very classy reception. Our wedding co-ordinator, the incredible Susan McCormick of Bliss Events, was there to make sure things were flowing smoothly. She worked very hard that day to acheive the dream wedding for our Bride and Groom! With much success!
These guests know how to party!
I was honored to witness your special day!
It was great to see you both smiling from ear to ear......
Silvana ~

Friday, July 18, 2008

Jennifer + Jason

This e-session took us all the way out to Muskoka, where we had a blast at Jason's home cottage.......complete with 2 speed boats.....2 hot tubs......tennis court.....and a private plane!! How yummy! When I saw the plane I knew we could get very creative.2 of my favorites.........
How adorable!! These 2 little baby robins fell out of the nest. Their mommy was nowhere to be found, so Jason and his siblings took them in and have been feeding them. As soon as you make a sound or move the nest, they open their mouth WIDE for food!
Love the fact that they can act silly as well :o)These 2 are so cute.......I teased them about how I wanted to "scrunch" them up in a little ball and put them in my pocket! This rare old "Triumph" is very special to Jason and his dad as they bought it many years ago and have restored it to almost brand new! Many hours of father/son bonding....!
And here's Lloyd!! One handsome dude! Perfect "dunk" shot by Glendon

Thanks guys.....we had a blast!! (Still scratching the multitude of mosquito bites though) :o)

Silvana ~

Sarane + Richard

An e-session in Toronto.........a wedding in Jamaica. That's where Sarane & Richard will be getting married in November! The emotions with this beautiful couple were quite evident.....and I was there to capture it!
I thought this couple suited a more "moody" scene
so cute........
Thanks Sarane & Richard.......there's lots more to come!

Silvana ~

Tina + Stass = Stephanos!

I had the pleasure of photographing this couple's wedding many moons ago. And now Stephanos has come along! The most adorable little 5 week old baby boy. So it was time for some family portraits.

I just love his look hereAnd here is "Mercedes" chomping away at his lunch
At one point......Stephanos thought it might be a really funny gag to "pee" on the photographer......you know......something he could tell his friends when he's older. Well......he can definately do that now!
Thanks guys!.........it was great seeing you again and document the family growing!

Silvana ~