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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Corinna & Dave - August 26, 2006

This weekend was a busy one. I worked both Saturday and Sunday. I only had a couple of hours to sleep before Sunday's wedding.......but I had the energy, and it was a good weekend! Corinna & Dave had a great time on their wedding day.

My associate, Dean, managed to grab this shot.....it was not set up.
Corinna has the most STUNNING blue eyes!I love shooting downtown. We used a back alley, firescapes and cafes. I love the rough look of the City. (Here's another by Dean.....good job!)

What cuties!
Video was done by Joseph from Memory Video Productions. (I loved our conversation in the evening Joseph!) We both managed to capture all our shots with an early 10:30 ceremony. The reception hall was at Supreme Banquet Hall.


Joanne & Carlo - August 27, 2006

Sunday's wedding took place at La Prima Vera Banquet Hall
Joanne was off to a late start in the morning, but all ended very well, and she looked beautiful.

The ceremoney took place outdoors at Prima Vera. They have a gorgeous garden in the back!

Everyone had a great time in the evening. Intense Sound Disc Jockey Services got the party going.


Monday, August 21, 2006

Rosalia & Steve - August 19, 2006

Rosalia & Steve had a rainy wedding day.....but they kept it together and we managed to get a nice variety of images. (Personally, I don't mind rain because it gives us nice, overcast lighting)

Steve and his best man Rob

The priest from this church looked exactly like John Haggee! I couldn't get over it......it was uncanny!
I just loved this blue door......(I think Rosalia's parents thought I was crazy when I headed for the shed in their backyard.....but they didn't see what I saw, and it was well worth it! )

This couple were blessed to have Pat from Moments in Love Video Productions for their wedding. He has a great style and fresh ideas. And he handled the rain situation so well.

The reception was held at Mississauaga Convention Centre and was decorated beautifully.


Monday, August 14, 2006

Krystyn & Rick - August 12, 2006

It was a beautiful Saturday wedding. Krystyn & Rick were married at Liuna Gardens and we had the best weather.
The morning was so relaxed............and so was Krystyn.

The guys were up for a game. I love this shot! After our main shoot, we all had a very special "Pre-reception" dinner at Taco Bell. Mmmmmmm, nothing like a good, wholesome meal to hit the spot. :o) (Then we went back to the hall to eat some more) Definately not camera shy........

Krystyn has such an awesome, natural smile. And she had it on most of the day!


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Time Out !!

Okay......I was long overdue, but I finally took a few days to get away from all the editing work on the computer and give my eyes a rest. It was great to just relax. My cousins were kind enough to let me stay at their cottage by the French River near Sudbury. What a beautiful place !!

Here's Kobe ! What an adorable dog! He just had a blast swimming out to grab the ball........then bringing it back.......then going out again.......then bringing it back..........then going out again........Ahhhh...what a life to be a dog! :o)This is my special friend Lina.....she joined me half way through my stay with her daughter Catherine.

This was just incredible. As we were driving along, I saw a tree with what I thought were shoes hanging all over it! We pulled a quick UE. Sure enough.....it was shoes! Lots of them! I don't know who started it.....but people driving by would hang their shoes on the tree. All different kinds!
I was shooting away at the tree. I had all my gear on me.....3 cameras with different lenses. We left and continued driving for about 15 min. when I realized that I was missing a camera with my 70-200 mm lense! I left it on the ground by the tree! We pulled another UE to go back. Let me tell you.....I was praying to the Lord all the way there that my camera would be safe! We got back (which was now about 1/2 hour later), and I could see my camera from the road. You couldn't miss it......my long lense was shining in the sun! I was so thankful that God protected it with all the cars driving by. How amazing. Julian & Evan were so much fun. It was the 1st time I met them.....and they just tired me out at "Hide & Seek". Here's Lina & Catherine playing around. That night, we stayed up so late. We were all on the bed talking and joking about so many different things. We laughed soooooooo much. It was like being a kid again at a slumber party. I never laughed so hard.
This happened during the storm a couple of weeks ago. There's a story behind this collage. We were driving along, and I was in the back seat. (Anyone who knows me knows that I don't do too well in the back seat) Well......Carmelo was just taking those twists and turns on almost two wheels! (sorry Carmelo :o) Needless to say, we pulled over quick so that I can.........ahem........you know. We just happened to stop in front of this man's house, and he had these 2 adorable girls! He was kind enough to let me use his washroom, so while I was in the house, I just had to photograph these two sisters.......Michlin and Jackie. It was Michlin's 8th birthday that day. (Guess what she's getting mailed to her for her birthday?)

Okay......so he's not the most attractive bug out in cottage country. But at least he smiled for the photo. Do you see it!?!
I thought this was interesting, I was going down the river, and noticed this natural carving in the rock. With the reflection of the water, it looks like a fish.