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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Lisa + Danny

Lisa & Danny are to be married Aug. 25th. We headed downtown for our shoot, but on the way, I saw this AWESOME green wall and I quickly pulled over. (Danny was following me and I think I freaked him out a little with my crazy driving! sorry Danny!!) :o)

I just love the softness of this image

Stunning smile !

I thought this image suited a more dramatic, vintage look


Lesley + Chris

Lesley & Chris are to be married July 21st. They are such a sweet couple.......and I had alot of fun on their shoot! I learned that we are all animal lovers! Yeeeahhhh!
One of my favorite shots!


Saturday, May 19, 2007

Sarah + Joe

Sarah & Joe are to be married August 18th. They are so cute together. I loved Sarah's outfit.

How appropriate.......:o)

Joe's car is "one fast vet".......:o)

I love this mural and have always wanted to shoot at this location....and I finally did!

These 2 were funny....they even struck a pose for me


Christina + Anthony

Christina & Anthony will be getting married June 23rd. We choose to have some fun at the playground for their photo shoot. Looking at them....I think for a short while they felt like kids again. They were alot of fun!

I love this shot !

Mrs. Goose made a special appearance......


Thursday, May 10, 2007

the many faces of Kristian.......

Here is Kristian! What a happy boy. He is the beautiful blessing of Diane & Richard........whose wedding I photographed back in 2004, and now had the pleasure of forever capturing their little boy's adorable expressions. What a cutie!

I loved the colour scheme in Kristian's room

Uh....oh.....not a happy camper......

tiny toes :o

The happy family.........


Monday, May 07, 2007

Daniela + Diego

This weekend I had the pleasure and honour of documenting Daniela & Diego's wedding. And I've been so looking forward to it! Diego is originally from Spain.....which is where they met. Daniela will be moving from Toronto to live in Spain! How courageous. We'll miss you guys!

I thought Daniela looked so much like her mom. She's a very beautiful woman.........

Diego's mom was so cute........she flew in all the way from Spain with her husband and other son

Waiting to enter the church

These two were so cute.......they couldn't wait to see each other when entering the church....they changed the rehersal a little and immediately clung to each other......

Okay.........let's hit the streets !

Squeeeeeeeezing a few more shots inside the King Edward Hotel

Daniela is natually beautiful and flawless......I love this look, it's very vintage.

They had their reception at the beautiful Le Royal Meridien King Edward Hotel in downtown Toronto

We stopped off at a downtown Bistro to relax. Here's Daniela's brother, David, enjoying a quick beer

I love shooting downtown.........full of so many photo opportunities everywhere you turn!

Daniela and her special dance with her father