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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Anna + Nick - 07.28.07

If I can sum up Anna & Nick's wedding in 3 words, it would be Classy, Genuine and simply Beautiful. What an awesome couple! All of their hard work and planning resulted in the wedding day of their dreams. (I know how meticulous you both are, so thank-u for trusting me with capturing this special day for you! I had a Blast! I hope you enjoy these images.

Anna's mom getting a full dose of hairspray! The guys at Salon Tous did a fantastic job with the girl's hair.

How cute is Nick??

Over 500 guests were there to witness the ceremony which was held in the Artifacts Room at Liberty Grand.........how gorgeous. Not one detail was missed! And I must say that the talented people at Celebration FX did a fantastic job with the decor.

Okay....I have to tell this story. During the ceremony, Nick explained how he wanted to do something special for Anna, but that he could not sing or play an instrument.....so.....he purchased an old guitar and went on-line and learned how to play and sing. He performed for all of us and sang "Grow Old With You" from the movie "The Wedding Singer". It was so cute!! And he did a great job. What courage!

Now this was beautiful, Anna & Nick also had a Korean ceremony. Love the colours!

Cory from Serendipity Video was alot of fun to work with. I have seen some great work from him and his team. (However, I did think he was going to get us killed when we were filming each other while driving on the QEW! Your crazy Cory!)


Thursday, July 26, 2007

Gosia + Rod - Let the Sun Shine!

Wheeeewww.....it was a hot one yesterday! But we soaked up the sun and enjoyed the afternoon! (My favorite shot of this session) :o)

I love this red wall.......you would not believe where I found it. (Let's just say as you drive around, take a look at the various banks out there!)

Gosia has such stunning eyes....

Oh......and I'm glad to report that the "Curse" of the red ants is gone! It's off of me now.....and onto Gosia. (sorry Gosia.....hope the itching stops soon!)


Monday, July 23, 2007

Lesley + Chris - 07.21.08

I have really been enjoying these summer days photographing weddings. And Lesley & Chris had one of those perfect summer days.

I love it when my brides are "carefree" about lying down in their dress.....and Lesley was one of them!
Eva........one of our flower girlsChris's pink tie! After the ceremony.......the pressure was off and these two just had a great time!

Lesley in the "ghetto" part of the city! I just LOVE this background!

Oh...and how can I forget this morning shot!

Okay........just one more.......I can't stop!


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My Sweet Little Baby....

This is what I see sometimes when I get home at night. I just had to capture it. This is my precious "Wuffi" patiently waiting for mommy to get home! He is the eldest of 3.........Oreo and Mocco are the twins.


Fun with a Vespa !

I knew this shoot was going to be alot of fun! I can't say enough about Priscilla and Jesse. They recently visited Italy and wanted to bring back those Vespa memories. Thanks to Vespa Markham for trusting us with their Vespa!The day of this shoot....July 5th...was an extra special day because it was also Priscilla & Jesse's 5th year anniversary!Now this was so cool......Jesse brought his guitar and as we were walking to our shooting location, he just broke out in song! Praising God! And he was singing one of my favorite songs too! What an awesome voice. This whole scene sent "chills" up my spine.Priscilla is so cute :o) You know.......I don't know what it is with me and red ants, but as I was taking this shot in the high grass, I once again got attacked by red ants! They leave nasty bite marks that last a while. (The last time was in Dominican a few months ago!) It was painful....but well worth the shot!

Can't wait for the wedding guys!