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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Fun with a Vespa !

I knew this shoot was going to be alot of fun! I can't say enough about Priscilla and Jesse. They recently visited Italy and wanted to bring back those Vespa memories. Thanks to Vespa Markham for trusting us with their Vespa!The day of this shoot....July 5th...was an extra special day because it was also Priscilla & Jesse's 5th year anniversary!Now this was so cool......Jesse brought his guitar and as we were walking to our shooting location, he just broke out in song! Praising God! And he was singing one of my favorite songs too! What an awesome voice. This whole scene sent "chills" up my spine.Priscilla is so cute :o) You know.......I don't know what it is with me and red ants, but as I was taking this shot in the high grass, I once again got attacked by red ants! They leave nasty bite marks that last a while. (The last time was in Dominican a few months ago!) It was painful....but well worth the shot!

Can't wait for the wedding guys!



Blogger Christopher Luk said...

GREAT shots! I'm glad you had a great experience in the presence of Jesse worshiping Almighty God :D The presence of the Holy Spirit just becomes so DENSE when he sings praises to Him :D

August 11, 2007  

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