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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Lisa + Chris 07.07.07

Well......it was the BIG 7.7.7. and Lisa & Chris's wedding was much anticipated. They really are a genuine couple with gentle spirits.

Now this couple were so awesome! They were up for anything and Lisa had no hesitations whatsoever about lying down in the grass. (Hmmm...I should have done my bridal "mud" shot which I have always wanted to do) :o)

The rings......

This is Tina....Chris's mom......who I thought looked so cute in these big rollers! (Tina...please forgive me for putting it up in the BLOG!)
After the ceremony......Rebekah and I had some time to stop and get some 'JUICY BUGS" with the GOOEY GUTS! Mmmm.....Mmmm !This was a pure candid moment

I think with all the Greek weddings I have photographed in the past month alone.....I'd be able to pull off a few moves myself !

Oh wait ! I can't forget "Sammy". What an adorable kitty! He knew something was up that day with daddy.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Lisa and Chris,

We loved your wedding, and the pictures on-line were great. Hope you are enjoying your honeymoon.

Love, Christine & Jim Solakofski
July 12th 2007

July 12, 2007  
Blogger Yvonne said...

Hey Lisa and Chris...these photos are as awesome as both of you are! You guys are what I think of when someone says the words "perfect couple". We had a really great time at the wedding, and found the customs during the service to be really interesting. By far the best wedding we've been to in a while.
Paul and I wish you endless happiness, and eternal love for one another.

July 13, 2007  

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