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Monday, November 10, 2008

Kimberley + Trevor MARRIED !!

What an exraordinary day! This super cool couple had a wedding day packed with LOTS going on. It all started while the guys and the girls both got ready at the downtown Marriott Hotel. With all the games and crazy stuff going on in their separate suites, Kimberley and Trevor and their bridal party were a blast to photograph!
Excited to be driving off to the ceremony! This was cute.....Kimberley made sure Trevor would get this card 1st thing in the morning.....the front of the envelope read: "P.S.- The envelope is kinda wrinkled because Mao decided to sit on it while I was writing your card"..........(Mao is their kittie cat!) (both photos by the super-talented Chris!)Games time !!!!!!

Waiting for the ceremony to begin.......
The lighting in the doorway of the church was absolutely gorgeous.....so we made full use of it
I love opportunities where we have natural textures to work with.........this was shot through a screen divider at Union Station.

Must have been reeeeeeal funny (shot by Chris)
Kimberley made many dress changes......and this one looked absolutely stunning while she and Trevor danced a special dance that was choreographed perfectly

Kimberley & Trevor......it was a joy to witness and photograph your special day........blessings to you both!

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