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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lin + Sam MARRIED!

This weekend was a very busy one for us. We documented Lin & Sam's beautiful 2-day wedding celebration. I could see the anticipation in their face leading up to this day.....and it was finally here. Surrounded by such close family & friends, many from as far as Hong Kong, Lin changed into many dresses, and the 1st was her beautiful formal red chinese wedding dress.
She wore it well!
Love the authentic red chinese shoes

Special moment between Lin and her mom
Here is Sam as we got a very early start to the day

Sam arrived at his wife-to-be's home in the morning and tried to enter to see her, but he had to prove his love for her in many different ways. One was offering money.....which was not enough for the girls to allow him to enter.
Then....he tried to answer questions which the girls asked, and if he got it wrong he would have to drink different potions and suck on lemons! Lin was in the washroom upstairs listening to the whole thing

Here is the 1st tea ceremony at Lin's home.......which continued later with a 2nd tea ceremony at Sam's home

We then arrived at Miller Lash House for an incredibly beautiful ceremony with stunning blue skies. Lin changed into her white wedding dress, as well as changing her make-up to match.

The talented chefs at work. All the delicious hor derves were catered by Daniel et Daniel

Fish bowl centrepieces were placed at all the tables. I swear these little fishes were giving me a look as if saying: "Please help me find a good home". Just look how sad they look in the photo. I know this might sound crazy....but I was really concerned about the fish going to good homes who wanted them. All of you who took a fishbowl home, please make sure you feed them real fish food, or you can pass them onto someone who is willing to maintain fish. Let the fishies live!!

This was hillarious.....there were many games during the night, and one of them was that Sam had to kiss many woman while blindfolded, and figure out which one was his bride. Well...his ushers posed as the women and kissed him one-by-one! You can see the surprised look on his face when he realized what was going on. :o) I hope you both have an amazing honeymoon......we had alot of fun documenting your fun-filled wedding!

Silvana ~


Anonymous Sam said...

Killer stuff Silvana, I love your image of the Tea Ceremony!

September 30, 2008  

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