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Friday, August 15, 2008

We are now officially "Nikonians" !!!

Okay......here it is......there's lots of new changes happening at Impulse, and one of the biggest is that I have made the big switch from Canon to Nikon! For those of you photographers who are loyal blog followers, there are many reasons why, but to avoid any Canon/Nikon debates.......let's just say that I am one happy girl!

Here's Glendon's reaction to what Nikon's incredible lighting system can do after taking some test shots today outside my home (with flash). No pocket wizards......no fussing.....1/8000 sec.....f2.8.....just smooth shooting. Let's just say that he is one happy boy! Mmmmm.....fun times ahead!!

I will be posting some fun shots from my day at Crystal Beach real soon! (........taken with my brand new toys of course)

Silvana the Nikonian ~


Blogger Glendon said...

Why... did i have the strange feeling that something would be posted tonight... hahahahahah... oh my...

August 15, 2008  
Blogger Judy said...

You go girl ... from your fellow Nikonian ;)

August 15, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i hope they are up soon,im in them.it was such a fun day!

August 16, 2008  
Blogger Christopher Luk said...

As the ultimate Nikon fan, I'd like to officially welcome you to our Nikonian family! It's a pleasure to have you here.

*shakes hand*
*puts on a Nikonian convocation hood*

Congratulations again, welcome to the family. You now have official Nikonian regalia :p

Enjoy responsibly! "With great power comes great responsibility" :)

(I know, I know, I'm such a nerd.)

August 16, 2008  
Blogger Thaddeus said...


August 17, 2008  

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