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Monday, June 23, 2008

Sabrina + Rob 06.21.08

I normally sleep in a little the day after a long wedding, but on Sunday I actually got up early because I could not wait to see the images from Sabrina + Rob's wedding! How awesome! It was a super fun wedding and Glendon and I had the best bridal party ever!

Sabrina just before entering the churchI felt so bad after arriving at Sabrina's house and giving her a loving message that I got from Rob earlier that morning because it made her cry. She just burst out into tears! These 2 were up for anything......which I always love. I feel the creative juices flow when I know my couples are open to my sometimes "crazy" ideas
amazingly beautiful.....

This photo was taken while Rob was giving his speech. I have never seen anyone so natural and comfortable with the mike. He grabbed it and walked to the centre of the dance floor where he was in the spotlight, and gave an unforgetable, heartfelt speech to his parents which practically brought tears to my eyes.
Elvis was *in* the building! Actually.......this guy was incredibly good.......and I should know because I've seen my share of Elvis's in my career lifetime
Here is Rob and his father performing their famous "twist" dance. I was waiting for this all day! You have to see these two go......everyone cleared out the dance floor as soon as they started. All the men in the family, including Rob's brothers, are truly amazing dancers and can dance their pants off! I have to say that I was so impressed by their wedding cake which was truly a piece of art. The designer....and artist....is Alexandria Pellegrino, owner of Cake Opera Co. , a company devoted to "boldly original" and highly artistic cakes. If you see her line of wedding cakes, you would agree that she is a master at her craft with absolutely esquisite designs. She has won the "Wedding Co. Top Tier Challenge". She has even been printed in the highly exclusive Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine. I would recommend her to anyone planning their wedding!

Rob + Sabrina.....thanx for an amazing day and reminding me why I love my job so much!

Love you both,

Silvana ~


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