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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Susan + Kypros

Talk about couples that are "meant to be", these 2 are so cute together. I had alot of fun walking the streets with them and just shooting wherever. The big day is coming up in June! (Susan + Kypros are extra special because they love my cats!) I absolutely adore this photo of Susan.........isn't she beautiful? Trula Finch of Montana did a fantastic job on Susan's hair and make-up. (She is also Kypros's sister!)

Now this was funny....while I was on the ground fiddling around with my wireless, the camera went off accidently and took this photo......I love it!!

That's meeeeeee! While Kypros was handling a business call, I kept myself occupied.These 2 really are a fun-loving couple.........and so meant for each other.

This one was taken by Glendon........yay Glendon!



Anonymous Dave Biesse said...

The reflection in the windows in an AWESOME shot! Nice one!!!!

April 30, 2008  

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