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Friday, March 07, 2008

Back from Dominican !!

What a week! I planned a surprise visit to my father who has been living in the Dominican Republic for 10 years now. I decided to just "show up" in front of his home. Needless to say....he was shocked! I challenged myself not to take any photos on this trip.....so I shot video instead! It was my 1st time holding a video camera....and 1st attempt at editing, so please forgive my skills. I had so much fun shooting this!! My dad is getting up there in age, so I will cherish this moment forever.

I was so excited to finally reach my dad's home.....but he wasn't there! So I waited in the bushes for 45 min. until I saw his little red car drive by. Then I ambushed him! He was like a deer caught in headlights! His smile at the end was priceless. I love him so much. Here's the video!

This 2nd video is a Montage of Real Life in the Dominican

There is a 3rd video that I am working on, so keep watch!

Silvana ~



Blogger shipra said...

Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!! I have tears in my eyes and a big goofy grin on my face. I loved the 'suprise' video. What a wonderful, wonderful gift of creativity and art you have. Not only are you an exceptional photographyer, you're a pretty darn awesome videographer too. I'm so happy for you and your Dad!

March 07, 2008  
Anonymous Cyndal said...

Wow Silvana...just wow! You can definately tell you absolutely love what you do and have a huge appreciation for the world around you. Your eye for detail and beauty is incredible. For your first time with a video camera you've blown me away...it looks like you've been doing it for years. Amazing, just amazing!

March 07, 2008  
Blogger Silvana said...

Shipra & Cyndal....thanks for your kind words...it really means alot. It feels great to know that emotions are stirred up in my viewers, as it was in me at the time of shooting. It makes it all worth while!
Silvana ~

March 08, 2008  
Anonymous Patrick said...

Amazing work Silvana. Being a huge fan of your photo work I would expect such strong composition in your video work- but you went much further with your colors and storytelling and really blew this one away. Awesome stuff.


March 08, 2008  
Anonymous Sam said...

Stunning work Silvana! Just AWESOME!!! I am huge admirer of your photography and now video, fantastic job. I hope you had an amazing time on your trip and shared lots of great moments with your father. Congrats on a beautiful video especially for your first go at it.

March 08, 2008  
Blogger Glendon said...

(not sure if my previous post will show up) but in case...

I...i... i don't even know what to say Sil.. you continue to blow me away, and raising the bar... I hope i can keep up with ya.

Glad you're back... God seems to know what you like and gave you a good snowstorm to welcome you home.

March 08, 2008  
Blogger Silvana said...

Patrick....is this "the" Patrick? (my favorite videographer ever!) Thank-u! Coming from you I take that as a real compliment

Sam....your so sweet. I am also a fan of your work. Hope to see you again soon.

Glendon...you have more energy than I do!...keeping up won't be a problem :o) And yes....i love the snow!! It's never enough!

March 08, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are truly incredible, obviously you are very talented and you put so much hard work into your craft...however, what makes you so amazing is how you are able to give so much joy and happiness to those around you...I can't even begin to imagine the happiness you have brought your dear father, I know that he will cherish this forever...and thank you for sharing this very private and personal moment with the rest of us...your vision in making the video is so well done, also good music selection...you are a true blessing in this world, you are the catalyst that makes us all want to be better people in our everyday lives...from the bottom of my heart...Thank you...

March 09, 2008  
Anonymous Lanny said...

I've seen many of your images while working in the lab and knew you are by far the most talented photographer around but then this video? Oh man, this really gave me the goose bumps...smile on your dad was incredible. I wish I can see my dad smile again...he passed away 3years ago, so reminds me how precious these moments are.

March 21, 2008  
Anonymous ray said...

Fantastic work... what did you use to shoot and edit the video with?

Perhaps you and I need to have a coffee and have photo/video geek-talk!!

March 28, 2008  
Blogger Silvana said...

Hi Ray! Good to hear from you! (still love what you did with Priscilla + Jesse's wedding video). Awesome work! I'm totally up for getting together and chatting about our passions.....anytime!

Silvana ~

March 29, 2008  
Anonymous Kelli said...

Your videos are amazing!! I went on a mission trip to Dominican Republic in 1999, and we flew into the airport at Puerto Plata. Brings back memories. Thank you for making such beautiful videos! I love the music on the second one.

April 29, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ah, my home country, i am officially in love with your eye-albeit video or film, amazing.

May 10, 2008  

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