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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Then and Now.....the Abbruzzino-Guzman Family

12 years ago I photographed Jessica + Jonathon....2 adorable little children who were 6 years old at the time. I recently was asked to take some updated photos of the kids........who are now 18! I just couldn't wait to see how they had grown. So I showed up at their home and was greeted by a tall, handsome man! It was Jonathon! And I couldn't beleive how Jessica had grown! She is a very sweet, beautiful girl. They are both so gorgeous. I just couldn't get over how much time has gone by. Here are some of their 1996 photos... and now their 2008 photos! (Even back then I was into the "grungy" ruins look)

Ahhhhh......the good 'ol days! I dug up the old negs and dusted them off. Do I miss the days of cutting and taping each neg onto appropriate Masks from A-E according to how much you wanted cropped?.......hmmmm........no. But then again, photoshop was never touched, and what you see is what you get!I had to scan these negs to even be able to put them on the blog. Back then, I shot most of my casual sessions in Sepia. The negs had a magenta colour to them. To get the sepia, I actually processed XP2 B&W film in C41 (colour). It's crazy when I hear that some photographers have never worked with, or even seen 2 1/4 inch negs! (I'm feeling really old now)How adorable? If you havn't noticed yet.....Jessica and Jonathan are twins, and she will tell you that she is very proud to be the eldest twin.........by a whole minute!! You can't see it in this photo, but Jonathon's teeth are still the same! I could not get over how much he reminded me of David Blaine! (the magician). His voice and entire demeanor were identical! It was crazy! (by the way......just kidding about the teeth thing.......ha! :o)

And here is mommy. Maria is exactly how I rememberd her. She was all laughs when we got to this point.
Freddy is originally from the Dominican Republic. A very calm, sweet gentle man. Him and Maria are perfect together.

Glendon has a foot fetish..........cute shot G!

Thank-you for sharing your growing years with me........it was very special.....and I had alot of fun!
Silvana ~



Blogger Christopher Luk said...

YAY! Tilt-shift :)
G and I tried playing with a tilt-shift lens (Nikon calls it Perspective Control or PC) for the first time the other day and we were utterly lost, confused, and came out with horrible images ... I don't know how you do it! Mad respects, Sil :p

I really enjoy the palette of "earth" colours this time around.
"8" is just absolutely magical; they just emit such a huge contagious smile :D

I concur -- G does have a foot fetish.

May 09, 2008  
Anonymous TYKM said...

.... now that you've mentioned it.... G.... DOES have a foot fetish!!!!! I remember a shot he took at a baptism.. and it was of feet!! AHAHA

May 22, 2008  

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