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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Marta + Vic.....MARRIED !!

I still can't believe it.....my little nephew...married! Go figure. Well, he definately found his princess bride. Marta is soooooo sweet, and so good for him. She looked absolutely "stunning" that day. He could not have found a more perfect and beautiful wife......from the inside out.

My cute little neice Lydia from Nova Scotia was commenting on how Marta looked like a real life "Barbie" dollthe sharp dressed man......he thinks he's so cool, but he's really not.........(just kidding Vic!........you know I love you)

I loved the pinks and bright colours she chose for the girls

A big thanks to my right-hand man Glendon and to my good friend Judy from Elementz of Fotographie who came out for the fun of it and was shooting along side with us. It was so much fun!! I was getting so emotional as I watched Marta come up the aisle and the way Vic was looking at her. It's a good thing that I don't have any tear production because I wouldn't have been able to shoot!

"Ti Amo".........."I love you" in Italian

Ryan......the owner of "Spice Lounge & Tapas" in Port Credit was kind enough to welcome us to have a little photo shoot inside his restaurant.......love this place! Great atmosphere.........

Susanna, Marta's friend, did an incredible job on Marta's hair! It looked so exotic

Here is my other nephew Rob, who also was the best man.........and Marta's best friend and maid-of-honour, who's name is also Marta!

What a party! Wow.....I've never seen such a rowdy crowd before......I thought we were really going to get kicked out of the venue after part of the chandelier fell! You guys are animals!

I'll be posting their Guest Book and their Eng. video real soon.......so keep watch!!

Vic & Marta......I'm so happy for both of you....have an awesome time on your honeymoon.........and may God bless you in your marriage..........be good!

your Auntie Silvana ~


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Sil!!! Stellar job. I must say, you are definitely are worth the money!!! I just wanted to say thank you VERY much for all your hard work. Its really appreciated. Everyone thinks you're amazing. It really is international award winning photography.

p.s. I really am that cool. I just have a different way of showing it !!!

August 07, 2008  

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