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Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Best $5.99 I ever spent !!

This weekend I had Chris Luk come out as our 3rd photographer for Kimberly & Trevor's wedding, and it just so happened to be his birthday on that same day! Well.....I wanted to give Chris something he would never forget for his 22nd birthday, so I told him I wanted to take a "Birthday Photo" of him and took him to a back alley just before the reception. I had it all planned out......Glendon was my accomplice, and it worked out perfectly!!
Happy Birthday Chris! Hope you love lemon merange!

(Note - We're really not this mean at Impulse Photography.....we did bring another shirt for him to wear) HA!


Blogger helen said...


succcesss!! :D

October 19, 2008  
OpenID kimmyma said...

OMG yesterday was amazing!! I didn't know that it was Chris's bday yesterday. That was really sweet that he came to shoot my wedding on his bday.

October 19, 2008  
Blogger Judy said...

Now that's funny ... and Glendon looks like he enjoyed it just a bit too :)

October 19, 2008  
Anonymous velsie said...



October 19, 2008  
Blogger Christopher Luk said...

:D Well done, Sil and Glen :D

The perfect pie-ing set-up without a hitch and captured frame-by-frame :p

Can't wait to see the cinematographic slow motion detail of my pie-ing too ><

October 20, 2008  

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