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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Suzanna + Andy.....E-session

I knew Suzanna since she was a little girl at the age of 12. She is friends with and grew up with my nephew Vic as she lived on his street for many years...well...now little Suzanna is getting married! She is engaged to the sweetest man, Andy, who is quite the looker himself. I had a very easy time shooting these 2 as they are both stunning and very easygoing. Love these warm cuddle shots.......

We drove out to Hamilton to shoot at an old warehouse which Suzanna and her family own....so it was nice not to get kicked out of a really cool location for a change! This place has been used for many film sets, including the "Incredible Hulk" just last summer. It is huge! When they let me loose in there, my brain was going a kazillion miles per hour as I did not know where to shoot first!

Suzanna's eyes are stunning! She is an AMAZING hairstylist (contact me for her #.......you will love her!!) Andy is originally from Scotland. You have to hear his accent.....I love it!

They decided to get married in Jamaica......which I'm sure will be so much fun!!


Anonymous Alex Albojer said...

Hey Silvana,

love the pics, can't what to hang out on friday :)

October 28, 2008  

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