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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Nadia & Marcelo - Sept. 23, 2006

Another great day! Nadia & Marcelo were married this weekend at St. David's Church where we later went to Pearson Convention Center for the reception. Our entertainment for the night was Veriation Music.

And this little piggy went to market and scored 2 rings!We sort of........very quietly......stepped into Knox Collage (for about 4 seconds) and managed to grab this shot before getting kicked out. We did have a permit for shooting at the University of Toronto, but apparantly, Knox Collage is separate from the collage. But that's ok because this shot is exactly what I was aiming for!

Both Nadia and Marcelo's parants are VERY sweet people. This intimate prayer photo of Marcelo's mom and dad was taken during the ceremony.
Little Cristina all smiley!
Fall is my favorite time of year. The colours are just starting to come alive. I love it! Our videographer for the day was Andrea from Digital Memories Studio. She was great to work with.....and I love the way she captured those candid, arial shots!
Marcelo was very calm and relaxed. His swimming pool made an awesome backdrop!
Gotta get the shoes!



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