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Monday, September 18, 2006

Linda & Giancarlo - Sept. 16, 2006

A wedding I've been waiting for all year. You might remember Linda & Giancarlo from their water shot engagement posts. Well, if not you can see them here. They were married this weekend at the Old Mill. (Where I have shot 2 weekends in a row now!) We then traveled to Famee Furlane for the reception.

Linda's sister, Cathy, is always smiling, for as long as I've known her.This couple are total animal lovers! I was in heaven! Giancarlo has a dog, bird, bunny and a kazillion fish in a huge tank (and that's all in his bedroom alone). He also has 3 other dogs, a few turtles, and a cat named "Oreo"!

The yellow fish noticed me taking his picture, and quickly turned away. (camera shy) And here's the all famous........"Buddy"

Linda.....waiting.....just a couple minutes before the ceremony began.Everyone was all smiles during the ceremony. There so cute.
I just LOVED Linda's choice of dress! It is so different, and totally suited her. She wore it well!

The guys were alot of fun to work with. Of course, I think they thought I was crazy lying on my back in the middle of the road! (Someone mentioned something about "Photographers Gone Wild"! )



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